LoachFest 2002

with David Gans

Saturday November 9, 2002
Ballard V.F.W. Hall
2812 N.W. Market Street
Seattle ( Ballard )
Doors open at 8pm, show begins at 9pm


Entry by membership only
To become a member of the Fraternal Order of Loachsters, you need to pay your annual dues of $15.
You may join or renew your membership by one of the following methods.

  1. Send Check Payable to:

    7012 70th Ave NW
    Seattle, Wa 98117
    Send along a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope so you can get the your membership back!
  2. Bop Street Records and Tapes 5512 20th Ave NW. (Ballard at 20th and Market) 206-783-3009
  3. Rock Memories 2525 6th Avenue, Downtown Seattle (6th and Denny) 206-448-1262
  4. Blue Moon on Sundays I-5 and 45th NE, U-District.

Don't delay!

Past Loach Fest's

  1. 9-13-1986, Monroe Center, Seattle. With "The Visitors"
  2. 11-21-1987, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle. With "Interstellar Observatory"
  3. 10-28-1988, Polish Hall, Seattle. With Mick "Elvis" Lane
  4. 10-14-1989, Russian Hall, Seattle. With "Raging Maggots"
  5. 10-6-1990, Rexville Grange, La Conner,WA. With "Kleinstellar Fandango du Jour"
  6. 10-26-1991, Seattle Grip & Lighting Stage, Seattle. With "Crooked Leg"
  7. 11-7-1992, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle. With the "No-show friends Band"
  8. 10-30-1993, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle. With the "Yarddogs"
  9. 10-29-1994, Tractor Tavern, Seattle. With "MKSB" (Mighty Kitchen String Band)
  10. 11-18-1995, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle. With "300 Pounds of Joy"
  11. 11-18-1996, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle
  12. 11-8-1997, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle, with Napier's Bones
  13. 11-14-1998, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle, with Three Bricks Shy
  14. 11-13-1999, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle, with Halau Hula Pulamahia
  15. 11-11-2000, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle with the Jerry Miller Band
  16. 11-10-2001, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle
  17. 11-9-2002, Ballard VFW Hall, Seattle, with David Gans

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